Tigh Me Up

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Fans of Tigh
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Welcome to Tigh Me Up!

No this isn't a community for bondage (unless it's involved in fanfic). It's for fans of Colonel Saul Tigh played by the fantabulous Michael Hogan.

Have a drunk and disorderly Saul/Ellen fic? Or perhaps a little slash involving Adama and his XO? Or the ever wrong (yet so right) Tigh/Starbuck story just waiting to be posted? Fan fiction of ANY kind and ANY pairing, (as long as it involves Tigh) is more than welcome.

We also love icons and banners as well as discussions and theories on where Tigh came from and where he's headed (aside from Earth).

And we just ask that fic, spoilers (season 4), many icons or large pictures be put under a cut. And of course no fan wanking.