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Sequel to "Racks Are Not Made For Frakking"

I had no idea that I enjoyed torturing sexy older men so much. Wish I could make it a career. *LOL*

Showers Are Not Made For Frakking Either
by Zombiehunter

Rating: MA
Pairing: Tigh/Kara
Spoilers: None in particular but through Season 3 just to be safe
Warnings: Rough Sex (Rowrrr!)

Tigh ran a hand over his stubbled cheek and sighed. He leaned against his station in CIC and wondered how many nights a man his age could go without sleep before keeling over dead.

He felt a hand brush against his elbow, “Colonel Tigh,” Gaeta said quietly while handing him a cup of coffee.

Tigh grunted his thanks and turned back to his station. He took a sip that burned his tongue and licked his lips savoring the pain. But the pain made him think about the marathon frakking session he’d had with Starbuck more than a week ago and that got his mind wandering in directions that were exactly what had been keeping him awake. He took another drink of scalding coffee and surreptitiously adjusted his fatigues. He couldn’t remember the last time he had ached for a frak like this.

Not even booze could bring him any relief. ‘They all must think I’m on the wagon,’ he mused to himself. The real problem was that he’d given up his addiction to alcohol for something much more difficult to attain. Starbuck had barely acknowledged him after that one night. There were a few times when he thought he’d seen her watching but either he was hallucinating or she was especially good at recon because he’d never actually caught her gazing at him longingly. Starbuck made him want to act dominating and aggressive but he was about to the point where he’d be willing to beg.

Later that night he wandered the halls of Galactica trying to look purposeful when in actuality he was merely suffering from insomnia. He passed the pilot washroom and heard the shower running. Wondering who would be showering at this time of night he wandered in to look around. The room was completely empty except for one occupied shower in the far corner. A large cloud of steam emanated from the stall and there were fatigues and dog tags hanging on one peg by the door. He lifted the tags in his hand and saw that they belonged to Starbuck.

Tigh swallowed hard and looked toward the shower door. ‘She’s in there,’ he thought to himself his mouth going dry, ‘completely frakking naked.’ Seemingly unbidden his hand reached out for the handle and pulled the stall door open. A large cloud of steam enveloped him and he was unable to see anything but the vague shape of a female. When the steam cleared he saw Starbuck arched under the hot spray of water with one hand massaging a breast and the other caressing the golden curls between her legs. Tigh moaned allowed and the noise alerted her to his presence.

She stopped her ministrations and raised her hands to adjust the spray, “I was wondering when you were going to find me,” she chuckled.

Tigh licked his lips his eyes locked on the glistening moisture visible on her thighs, “Let me help you with that?” he rasped.

She laughed again and turned off the water while crooking her finger to motion him in. He stepped inside the stall and reached out quickly to grab her welcoming hand. He brought it to his mouth and his tongue swiped out to lick the fingers that she had been using to pleasure herself. Kara gave a noise that was somewhere between a moan and a throaty laugh as she reached back with her free hand to close the stall door. She dragged Tigh back to the small mounted bench in the stall while he continued to suck her finger tips his eyes locked on hers that were sparkling with mirth but also cloudy with desire.

Kara sat down on the small bench and Tigh quickly kneeled in front of her not caring the way that the wet floor of the shower soaked his fatigues and boots. She spread her legs slightly and hooked one hand around the back of his neck drawing his mouth down to her thighs. “You’ve been wanting this, Colonel?” she asked huskily.

“Yes,” Tigh moaned and licked the inside of one thigh while his hands stroked her calves and knees.

“I know,” she admitted, “I could tell you were following me around and practically sniffing at me.” She grinned down at him.

Tigh’s hands grasped her knees and he made a conciliatory groan while she continued to push the back of his head so that his lips slowly traveled up her thighs to her waiting pussy. “I knew you wanted this,” her words were punctuated by a hiss of pleasure as his mouth finally made contact with her swollen lips and he quickly began to lick her in earnest, “and that’s why I avoided you. I wanted you to suffer because I know that’s what you want.”

Tigh clenched at her thighs and leaned in still further to dip his tongue into her while she tangled her fingers in his hair. He moaned as she began to forcibly move his head so that his mouth and tongue did what she wanted, what she needed. Kara leaned back against the wall and raised her knees until only the tips of her toes touched the ground and sighed loudly, “I figured I’d help you to do your penance that you so desperately desire.”

Tigh dipped two fingers into her and began to establish a rhythm while he sucked gently on her clit. “So,” she said breathlessly, “I figured I’d frak you when I wanted and the rest of the time I’d help you along in your martyrdom by ignoring you completely.”

Tigh, unused to being dominated so fully by a female, groaned loudly amazed at how incredibly turned on he was by Starbuck’s power over him. ‘And she’s right,’ he thought fleetingly before her taste and smell and touch took him over again, ‘I do want to be punished.’ Starbuck raised both hands to cup her breasts circling the nipples with her thumbs. Tigh looked up from her pussy with wondering eyes and licked his lips wanting to taste her breasts so badly.

Starbuck looked down at him and gave him a sharp slap on his face, “I don’t remember telling you to stop, Colonel.” Tigh growled and gave her a defiant glare but went dutifully back to worshipping her with his tongue and lips and fingers. Kara ran her hands through his hair encouraging him and scratching at his scalp, “I need another finger, Colonel,” she breathed. Tigh happily followed her orders and groaned into her pussy when she tightened herself around his thrusting digits.

He noted Starbuck’s breathing was speeding up and that she had started to thrust her hips against his mouth. He hummed against her clit making soft vibrations that had Kara throwing back her head and clutching at his shoulders as she groaned out her release. He kept licking and sucking at her clit until she forcibly pulled him away from his task by his hair. She stood up smoothly and stepped around him while she reached out to open the door of the shower stall.

Tigh sat in the puddle on the floor watching her incredulously, “What the frak do you think you’re doing, girl?” he panted.

Starbuck smiled sweetly at him her eyes dancing with mischievous malice, “I’m done with my shower, Colonel, so I’ll leave you to yours.” She looked pointedly at the obvious bulge in his fatigues. “Not a bad bit of penance though. Thanks.” And with that she pulled her towel around her, grabbed her clothes and left.

Tigh groaned loudly when he realized what she was doing to him. The smell of her was still strong on his mouth and chin and cheeks though. He swiped his tongue along his lips and hoisted himself quickly onto the small bench that Starbuck had occupied minutes before. With one hand he fumbled with his fatigues and the other wiped across his face gathering up as much of Starbuck’s juices as he could. He leaned his head back against the wall and wiped the moisture along his hardened shaft. It took him less than a minute before he was cumming breathing heavily and panting his release in the extremely humid shower stall.

As he returned to himself he heard a low chuckle from the shower room outside the stall where he sat. “Showers aren’t made for frakking either,” Starbuck sang out. Then he heard the hatch door being tightly shut. His breathing slowly returned to normal and he groaned in frustration, “Frak.”

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