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Racks Are Not Made for Frakking

Rating: MA
Pairing: Tigh/Kara
Spoilers: None in particular but through Season 3 just to be safe
Warnings: Rough Sex (Rowrrr!)
Disclaimer: Don't own, not making money, will put them back exactly as miserable as I found them.

Racks Are Not Made for Frakking
by Zombiehunter

Kara Thrace sat in the rec room all alone with only a bottle to keep her company. The place had been packed less than an hour before. She had managed to win most of Hot Dog and Kat’s money playing cards. But, as the evening progressed, she noticed with extreme annoyance that everyone had started making eyes at each other, exchanging giggling whispered confidences and then finally pairing off openly to find secluded corners of Galactica. “Frak them,” she mumbled into her drink. She was feeling too combative to be decent company for anyone in any case.

Apollo had been riding her ass all day, ‘And not in the good way,’ she thought to herself before slamming back another drink. He was annoyed with her in their pilot meeting, was annoyed with the way she flew her Viper, didn’t like the way she had executed the training exercise, “Blah, blah, blah,” Kara murmured before downing another shot and idly shuffling the cards that lay in front of her on the table. Even the old man had chewed her ass for a few minutes after she’d returned from her flight for some supposed risk she’d taken while docking, ‘Although he’s not half as annoying as his son,’ she admitted.

So now she sat alone in the rec room and was working on a really good drunk when in walked Tigh. He glanced at the nearly empty bottle that Kara had tucked between her thighs and chuckled, “Another productive evening, Starbuck?” She didn’t answer, merely flashed a feral grin his way and poured another shot. “Heard the old man give you the business about your landing,” he laughed as he joined her at the table and gave the bottle she cradled a meaningful look.

She ignored his comment and tipped the bottle to her lips taking a large swig that had some dribbling down her chin and onto her tanks. Saul watched in horror as she drained the bottle and then he watched in fascination as a small rivulet of booze fell from her chin and soaked into her tanks right above her right nipple. His mouth worked like a fish for a moment and then he licked his lips unable to pull his gaze from the hard nub that peaked under the cotton and just seemed to be begging to be sucked on.

Kara, unaware of his ogling, slammed the bottle down on the table and asked sweetly, “Were you wanting a drink, Colonel?” She laughed and waved the empty bottle, “Looks like we’re all out.” She grinned around the stogie that she thrust into her mouth and touched the flame of her lighter to the end. Tigh swallowed hard and licked his lips again as she sucked in through her mouth being particularly observant of the way her lips caressed the end of the cigar.

‘Gods, what the hell is wrong with me?’ he thought to himself as he envisioned Kara’s lips encircling something entirely different from the cigar.

“Problems, Colonel?” she asked as she finally noticed the lascivious way he was looking at her. She blew a particularly large smoke ring at him and chuckled while leaning back in her chair.

She looked at the empty bottle with a slight longing, one that Tigh himself understood all too well, and he said, “Looks like you could use another drink.”

Kara nodded sagely and leaned across the table toward him, “You have another bottle somewhere?” she said breathily at him.

She grinned again when he smiled and said huskily, “You know I do. Care to join me?”

She hopped up from her chair, took a deep drag off of her cigar and said simply, “Let’s go.” She followed Tigh down the hallways of Galactica neither of them bothering to talk. Tigh opened the hatch to his quarters and stepped back waving Kara inside. She smiled at him sarcastically, “What a gentleman.”

Tigh laughed and followed her into the room shutting and locking the hatch behind him. When Kara heard the mechanism click into place she spun around and was confronted by a heavily breathing Tigh, “What’s that all about?” she asked suspiciously.

Tigh grabbed her to him in a hard embrace and murmured against her lips, “I know what you want.”

“You do, huh?” she asked while only resisting his hold on her slightly.

“Mmm, hmmm,” Tigh answered her while trailing his lips and teeth down her jaw to her throat. “You don’t really want another drink,” he whispered huskily into her ear and then nipped at her earlobe before soothing the bite with his tongue.

“I don’t?” she asked while grabbing up handfuls of his tanks and caressing him through the material while scratching him at the same time. “Then what do I want, Colonel?” she moaned as Tigh’s hands pulled her tanks forcefully from her fatigues and slid his hands up the heated skin of her back.

Tigh groaned into the skin of her neck at hearing his official title roll off of her lips like that and found the snap at the back of her bra. He fumbled with it slightly before figuring out the hooks and answered her while punctuating his words with small bites, “What you need,” he breathed, “is a good, hard frak.”

“Really?” she asked while raking her nails up his neck and into his close cropped hair. “You think you know me so well, Colonel?” She deliberately pronounced his title while dragging her tongue along his jaw having noted how he reacted the last time she’d used it.

Tigh slid his hands underneath the material of her bra and drug them around to her front so he could cup her breasts, “I know you well enough,” he answered. “I know,” he stopped to tweak a nipple maybe a little too hard, “that you don’t want it soft and gentle.” Kara moaned as he forced a thigh between her legs and began pushing her back toward his rack. “I know,” he continued while quickly stripping her tanks and bra away and throwing them over his shoulder, “you like a little bit of pain,” he nipped at one peaked nipple with his teeth, “mixed in with your pleasure,” he finished and sucked the nipple into his warm mouth.

Kara laughed breathlessly, “Smart man,” she said while yanking at Tigh’s hair. Her nipple was dislodged from his mouth and she swallowed his yelp of pain in a rough kiss. She raked her nails through his chest hair as her tongue thrust into his mouth and it was Tigh’s turn to laugh breathlessly as she pinched one of his nipples hard between two fingers. Kara’s hands hooked underneath his tanks and pulled them roughly over his head tossing them to the floor where they fell in a pile with her own.

Tigh growled low in his throat and leaned into Kara while dragging his chest upwards against her breasts and pushing her back onto his rack. She took a long shuddering breath as his wiry chest hair rubbed against her bare nipples and Tigh moaned in approval at the way her breasts thrust against him. Kara lay halfway on his rack and Tigh attacked her belt while his hot mouth alternated between her breasts sucking and biting at her flesh. He managed to unzip her fatigues and pulled them down her legs quickly while making a move to hoist himself onto the bed.

Kara dissolved into loud guffaws as Tigh smacked his forehead hard against the top of his rack. He fell on his ass and looked up at her with a slightly surprised look while he rubbed at his head managing to look hurt despite his gruff demeanor. Kara curled up in a ball while she continued to laugh. Tigh stood up while continuing to watch her and smiled to himself as his palm flashed out quickly and he smacked her hard on the ass. Kara stopped laughing abruptly and stared at the now grinning Tigh.

“Did you just smack me on the ass, Colonel?” she asked incredulously.

Tigh smiled lasciviously at her and soothed the reddened skin with his work roughened palm, “Mmm hmm,” he answered and tapped her on the ass with slightly less force this time, “and you liked it, Starbuck.”

She could only moan in agreement as he kneeled down between her legs and ran his tongue through the wet folds of her pussy. Kara murmured encouragingly as he licked her, establishing a steady rhythm on her clit. But then a mischievous glint came into her eyes and she raised her booted feet, planted them against his chest and kicked. Tigh fell on his ass once again and Starbuck stood up. “Racks aren’t really made for frakking,” she intoned seriously and then began to laugh again.
Tigh watched her cautiously as he got up from the floor and then, when her head was thrown back in a particularly loud guffaw, he grabbed her by the arms and spun her around. Tigh placed one hand on the back of her head and pushed her down so that she bent over and braced herself with her hands buried in the blankets. He ran his palms down her back and settled them on her hips steadying her while he reached back with one hand and undid his belt.

Kara turned slightly at the sound and locked eyes with him as he pulled his cock from his fatigues and drug it through her wet folds. She sighed in appreciation and Tigh leaned over her back so that his mouth was directly behind her ear while continuing to drag the head of his cock across her clit, “Does that feel good, Starbuck?” he murmured huskily.

She gave him a shark like smile “No,” she moaned defiantly.

Tigh nipped at her ear, “Liar,” he growled and then buried himself fully into her. They groaned in unison and Kara grabbed fistfuls of blanket so that she had leverage to thrust back against him. Tigh placed one hand on Kara’s left breast and squeezed in time with his thrusting. His other hand alternately caressed and clenched at her hip while his mouth ravaged her neck and shoulders.

Kara panted something against the blankets and Tigh stopped his movements to lean forward, his hand sliding down and around her so that he could rub his fingers against her swollen clit. “What was that, Starbuck?” he panted in her ear.

Kara moved her face away from the blankets and growled, “Harder.”

Tigh groaned and smacked her hard on the ass, “What was that?” he demanded.

Kara gave him a feral grin and answered, “Harder, Sir.”

“That’s better,” Tigh moaned and started deep hard thrusts into Kara’s wet and clenching pussy. From the noises she was making he could tell she was close and, continuing to slide in and out of her warmth, he leaned forward again and said, “Cum for me, Kara.” She moaned as his fingers moved faster on her clit and he barked, “Cum for me, Starbuck. That’s an order.”

Those words were her undoing and she roared her release into the blankets as Tigh continued to move. The spasms created by her orgasm were too much for him and he surged forward biting her shoulder as he followed her over the edge.

They both collapsed on Tigh’s rack their heavy breathing punctuated by barks of laughter. “That’s an order?” she asked between bouts of laughter.

“You didn’t seem to find it funny at the time,” he explained while pulling her into another deep kiss. Then he winced as he attempted to find enough room to lie out fully beside her, “But, you are right about one thing, these racks really aren’t made for frakking.”

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