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Tigh/Kara fic

Here's my first attempt at Tigh fic. Please be kind.

Title: Drinks
Rating: MA (just to be safe)
Spoiler Warning: Spoilers up through third season
Summary: Tigh and Kara have angry sex

by Zombiehunter

“I did what I could,” Gaeta sobbed. “ I don’t know what else I could have done.” The six members of the secret jury stood in shocked silence as he stumbled up from the floor and left the room.

“Well that’s it,” Chief hissed and turned on his colleagues. “It’s over!” he roared as he followed Gaeta out of the room.

The other’s filed out until only Tigh and Starbuck were left both of them staring at the floor where Gaeta had been tied and gagged only minutes before. Starbuck broke the silence first, “Frak!” she sobbed. Tigh reached out his hand and squeezed her shoulder but she quickly shook off his hand with a furious, “No!” She turned on him and he could see the angry tears in her eyes but she laughed them off with a typical Starbuck chuckle and a shark like grin before breezing past Tigh.

Tigh stood still for a moment more and then he turned on his heel and walked quickly to catch up with Starbuck. He found her stalking down the hallway, that same animalistic grin still in place. He could tell from the aggressive tension in her shoulders and the purposeful swing in her hip that Kara Thrace was looking for a fight. He saw her eyes train on a specialist stacking boxes outside of a storage locker and muttered, “Oh no you don’t,” before jogging up next to her and grabbing Starbuck’s shoulder.

Tigh slipped his arm around her shoulders and forcefully did an about face with her in tow. “What the frak are you doing?” she fumed at him as he quick stepped her in the direction of his quarters.

“I’ve got a bottle in my quarters that I’ve been saving for a special occasion,” he explained. “I think this qualifies.”

“I don’t need any of your frakking booze now get your hands off of me,” she spat between clenched teeth.

“Look,” Tigh reasoned, “it’s obvious you’re looking for a fight.”

“So,” Starbuck snapped.

Tigh chuckled at her hotheaded nature. It had always been her most attractive quality even when it was directed at him. “It’ll be better if you don’t do something stupid and draw the old man’s attention,” he growled at her. “Let’s have a few drinks and if you still want to get in a fight, then you can punch me,” he promised. “I won’t throw you in the brig or anything.”

Starbuck gave him a feral smile and said, “Colonel Tigh, you do love me,” before laughing harshly and shrugging his arm off although she continued to follow him to his quarters.

Tigh gave a gruff chuckle and rubbed his hand against his leg trying to dispel the feel of Starbuck’s smooth skin. He wiped his mouth and he could smell her scent on his fingers. ‘Engine oil and something like lavender,” he mused and then shook his head to stop the thoughts from forming further.

When they arrived at this quarters Tigh produced a bottle as promised. While he poured two small glasses full he warned her, “This stuff is complete rock gut so be careful.” But no sooner had he finished pouring than Starbuck threw her head back and downed the shot. Tigh noticed the way that her neck arched when she swallowed and then swallowed hard himself at the feelings that the sight produced in his stomach.

Starbuck brought her head back and then Tigh laughed as her eyes opened comically and she began to cough. “I tried to warn you.” She pounded her chest several times and then shook her head yes, continuing to cough, while she pushed her glass back toward him. “Such a tough little girl,” Saul mused while refilling her glass. She grabbed for it and he wrapped one hand around her wrist, “We need a toast first,” he stated.

Starbuck looked down at Tigh’s hand watching his thumb caress the inside of her wrist and shivered slightly, “I’m no good at toasts.”

“Alright,” Tigh conceded still holding on to her wrist. She hadn’t pulled away so he figured she didn’t mind that his fingers were exploring as much of her skin as they could get to. “How about ‘to the people we left behind’?” he asked her.

She slowly pulled her hand, and the full shot glass, out from under Tigh’s grip while making eye contact with him all the while, “A classic,” she stated.

They both drank deeply and then Tigh drew the thumb that had traced Starbuck’s wrist into his mouth. She watched him as he licked the salty taste of her skin and grinned slightly. ‘What the frak are we doing exactly?’ she wondered to herself.

Several more shots were swallowed in relative silence with an occasional attempt at a toast. “To Admiral Adama,” Kara slurred, with Tigh nodding in serious agreement, as they both drank.

“To viper pilots,” Tigh stated seriously and then they both laughed spilling as much of the alcohol on their tanks as they managed to get into their mouths.

“To frakking…” Kara paused as her half drunken mind tried to think of something good.

“Frakking?” Tigh suggested and then they both laughed uproariously again.

Kara leaned her head back slightly and closed her eyes feeling lightheaded but pretty good. She sighed contentedly and began another toast, “To…” Suddenly Tigh struck out and grabbed Starbuck’s forearm pulling her halfway onto his lap and clumsily kissing her. She grunted into his mouth as he bruised her bottom lip with his teeth. Then she pulled back a fist and clocked him on the side of the head as best as she could.

Tigh fell to the floor and looked up at her grinning and chuckling to himself obviously not detoured by Starbuck’s punch. “What the frak was that?” she demanded of him laughing slightly despite her anger.

Tigh laughed again and pushed himself back until he was in a sitting position his back resting against his rack. “What do you think it was, Starbuck?” He chortled again and rubbed the side of his head where she’d hit him. “It was supposed to be a kiss.”

“Wasn’t a very good one,” Starbuck mumbled while stalking toward him.

Tigh chuckled and shook his head, “No, no it wasn’t.” His body was practically humming at the predatory way she was coming at him, “So what are you going to do about it?” he asked her.

She gave him a feral smile and then sat down half straddling his lap, “This,” she growled before grabbing the front of his tanks and pulling him into a heated kiss. He returned the kiss with as much venom as she was pouring into it and wrapped his strong arms around her in a tight embrace.

Starbuck moaned as his hands slid down her back to settle on her ass. He squeezed hard and bucked his hips at the same time so that she fully straddled his lap. Starbuck’s hands found their way under his tanks and alternately caressed and scratched at his chest. They broke the kiss, both breathing heavily, and Tigh murmured, “Little hellcat,” against her neck as he sucked and bit at the tender flesh.

“Old man,” she returned as he struggled to remove her tanks and bra.

“So, help an old man out,” he panted and she acquiesced by lifting her arms and letting him strip the fabric from her. Tigh moaned as her breasts came into view and immediately leaned down to feast on the soft flesh. He pulled one nipple into his mouth and sucked hard which made her groan with need.

They both attacked each other’s belts at the same time and laughed between moans and labored breathing. Tigh managed to get Starbucks pants undone first and pushed them down as far as he could until they pooled around her calves.

Tigh grunted as she finally got his fatigue pants undone and open. “Careful,” he hissed as her hand delved into his fly and grabbed his half hard cock.

She laughed against his mouth as she kissed him hungrily, her hand working rhythmically on his now hardened shaft. “Think you’re up for this, Colonel?” she growled while repositioning herself in his lap.

He dragged one hand through her wet folds making Starbuck writhe and panted, “Seems like you are.” Then he lifted her up slightly and she guided him into her slick warmth. They both paused for a moment gazing at each other, realizing exactly what they were doing before their faces became combative and needy once more. Starbuck sat back on her knees as far as she could, constrained by her fatigues and Tigh’s hands slid over her bare ass helping her to develop a rhythm.

Their frakking was punctuated by moans and curses as they did the best they could to give both pleasure and pain to the other. Tigh’s lips fastened on Starbuck’s neck sucking and biting at the pulse, licking the sweat that trickled down her skin. She buried her hands in his close cropped hair and pulled at it while she continued to ride him hard.

Tigh slid one hand between them and used his thumb to stroke her clit while they frakked. He was surprised at how quickly she came. Her clenching pussy muscles were his undoing and he leaned forward, holding her tightly against his chest and roared his release into her bare shoulder.

They sat, wrapped in each other’s arms, for a few minutes before Starbuck stood up. Tigh sighed as he felt his cock slip out of her and watched her quickly pull her clothes back on. She stood up, glanced down at him and said simply, “Thanks for the drink,” before turning to leave.

“Starbuck,” he said gruffly, “Starbuck,” and then “Kara.” She stopped her hand on the hatch. Kara turned slightly and looked at him and he could see the unshed tears standing in her eyes, “You’re welcome.”

She nodded at him, turned and left.
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